Life Box

Sending a Life Box to Pakistan.

Support people affected by the floods in Pakistan. This is something most people can do, these are items we can pick up during a regular shopping trip, we have priced the boxes here at around £8 a box, if you can please send a box or get together with a group of friends to send a box or boxes. “Pakistan International Airlines has offered its support to the humanitarian aid effort to ensure that basic food and medical supplies reach Pakistan. They are asking members of the public to send gift aid boxes which they will transport to Pakistan free of charge on the next available flight. Unprecedented floods in the history of Pakistan have caused displacement of at least 20 million men, women & children. These people are stranded without food, water and shelter. Our first priority must be to provide them food & water in the most efficient & expeditious manner possible.” PIA has developed a Life Box which will provide high energy food & liquids to sustain a four member family / group for 2-3 days each.

Here is a list of what needs to be included:

  • 2 x Bottles water (1.5 Litres)
  • 2 x Six pack of juices (250 ml)
  • 3 x High energy packets biscuits.
  • 1 x Milk Pack (1 Litre)
  • 1 x Packet of dates
  • 2 x Anti Septic Soap Bars
  • 1 x Pack of paper cups
  • 6 x Sachets of ORS (Oral Rehydration Salts)
  • 1 x Box of chocolates.

I am aware that lots of these foods are the kind of foods that many of us do not eat and would not recommend others eat, but I have thought lots about this and in my humble opinion, this is a time for people to eat many of these foods. Someone living in an extreme survival situation eating crisps, salty and sweet biscuits will be needing the calories and energy and burning it off straight away, these foods will be unlikely to cause problems to people starving who eat them for a few days. People who are not in these situation and eat these foods day in day out will face health problems from them but that isn’t the case here.

We have found a crisp/potato chips box is aprox. the best size – to save you spending ages with a ruler! And we have all asked for free boxes from supermarkets and they give them away. If you can’t find say 1 box of salty biscuits include two packets etc

Collection & Help Desks have been created at all stations in the PIA network to facilitate donors. PIA’s Emergency Response Centre is working 24/7 to maintain close liaison with all stations to streamline logistics.

Here are the collection points for the UK:

Here is the international list inc. USA:

Call your local airport and ask for PIA and ask them the nearest drop off point. Also bear in mind many mosques are co-ordinating the boxes to the airports locally. We dropped our box off to a friend who took it to her mosque, which has also been offering collection locally and the boxes were taken to the airport in vans in bulk. Over 350 went off from this community alone. Well done everyone!

We all send love and reiki and prayers too.

with all love, thanks for reading and support to all those affected by the floods,

Grace and Linus xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Love List-ing

Good Afternoon!

How are you?

I love so many things we are blessed and our lives overflow with love, here is just a smattering of joy…

I know I haven’t blogged for ages, if it counts I have had tons of blog ideas and wanted to write loads but they haven’t got to the screen. If you are reading and you like this please feel free to subscribe – you can click the box when you leave a comment and wordpress will helpfully email you when I post! Which is a) lovely and b) hopefully will happen more often soon :-) if you would like to read what I have been writing visit me at

So inspired by the Love Lists of Kris Carr at I wanted belatedly to make one of my own…..

Image Credit: Linus

1. My lush new cowboy boots on sale from bourgeois boheme

Image Credit. Linus

2. Linus’s cool photos :-)

3. The Water Ioniser. Our lovely new water ioniser, we love it and its anti inflammatory properties and we love everyone at Image belongs to them. Its just here because we love it and want to share that with you.

4. The newest Ning on the web, come and see and join, I LOVE it here.

“Hello all. Just wanted to let you know that is now up and running a playground for the grounded and spiritual person. I hope this place to be a place where people come to share knowledge on life and hope for the future. If your healing drop by and share what works and what doesn’t and over the next week or so it will get much more professional and more BasicMissions like. I want you to know if you have a conversation to start just head over to forum and get started. I look forward to my vision of this space to open like a lotus flower and I look forward to learning from all of you. I cannot wait to see it turn into what is in my mind. So take a minute and come on over and join  this bodaciously bawdy community of worshipers of all things God, and let’s experience life together all of it the good the bad and the ugly and if you get a chance pay forward some of your blessings. I will have the community rules up no money is to ever be asked for or exchanged no ugliness and respect everyones journey. I hope you don’t judge and learn. So here we come ning on our shakey little legs like five year olds entering the classroom for the first time.

Help us grow. And get to know yourself a little. hugs Callie,Duncan,Grace, Linus and Saatchi and Bertie.”

Image Credit: dan/

5. Sunshine. So it is Autumn coming and it is lovely and if you want to know my feelings and excitement about it see Friday’s Prayer: Into the Night of the World on However, the grey damp weather is hard on my aches and pains and the SAD and so the sunshine is so welcome and I love it. Plus our garden, what a miracle is getting adapted and sunshine gives me hope that I will get out there and get some veg growing this summer still.

Image Credit: Simon Howden

6. Growing our own sprouts. We are growing buckwheat lettuce, pea sprouts, sunflower greens, alfalfa sprouts, mung bean sprouts, sunflower sprouts and I am currently enjoying carob sprouted almond mylk linus just made as I am doing this! We love sprouts, indoor or semi – out door (a stand by the back door) gardening and healthy cheap organic greens.

Image Credit: Suat Eman

7. Harvest. Sticking to the growing things love theme, my next love list item is all the abundant fruit and veg avaliable at the moment and all that people are kindly giving to us. We love you. By the way I’m sorry lots of these images are not my own, I have some lovely pictures of harvest veg but they are still on the camera but will be coming to this blog soon soon. Yes, we have had lovely plums, courgettes, apples, pears, swiss chard and marrows. Thank you every one and yum yum from us. Pop over to we have some great info and discussions up on growing your own and preserving and using gluts of fruit and vegetables. We had plums dried in the dehydrator and are planning crisps this weekend from the marrows, raw vegan salt and vinegar ( pink salt and apple cyder vinegar) in the dehydrator. Fun fun.

Image Credit: ahmet guler

8. The wonderful full body massage L bought me as a surprise gift. I thought I was going for a medical appointment and then massage bliss. Thank you and Love you my beloved.

Image Credit: Graeme Weatherston

9. Post! Owl post. We love owl post and I love all the lovely letters, we love comments and emails but true real letters and writing paper and stamps post is so special too. Thank you for all my lovely post, it is one of my favorite things ever! I was reading and replying to a lovely letter today, it makes me warm inside and joyful. Hope you have warm joy today too.

Image Credit: Felixco, Inc.

10. YOU. I love you for being you, reading my blog, taking the time to visit my tiny cherished corner of cyberspace and reading my list and hopefully making your own in some way, shape or form. Thank you to all our treasured friends and family who are love lists themselves. We love you.

Thank you for visiting, hope you had fun and come again,

love and snoozles,

Grace xxxxxxx

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My Soul Collage or “made with love and glue. Way too much glue”

Good Afternoon,

It is cloudy here today. Yesterday we had thunder! My head is all snoozy but I have been listening to Harry Potter audio books and so the gentle activities with plenty of rest helps. Just briefly today as energy has mainly been spent on 1. my book 2. working on healing boxes charity being officially set up 3. managing being ill / pain/ day to day living etc. More news on 1 and 2 when I have it!

I made lovely soul journal cards. It was very peaceful and enjoyable. These are just cards they have not grown into part of a deck yet. I am enjoying working right now with just the images and my changing relationship, associations and enjoyment of them and what they express. I usually work mainly with words even on vision cards and boards etc I have words with my pictures or associated journalling and stories so this is new for me and I am exploring it.

Here are the cards!

soul collage 1 by Grace

Soulcollage 2 by Grace

Soulcollage 3 by Grace

They are quite rough but I do the best I can rather than holding off for a perfection I may never achieve as it may not be real. I enjoyed making them and I like looking at them now :-)

for more soulcollage info:

blog party blog hop link:

<script src=”; type=”text/javascript” ></script>

love and best wishes and healing hopes to you

Please come over to Basic Missions at and enjoy our Friday meditation and all Callie and Duncans fantastic work!

Thanks for reading!

lots of love, Grace xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Forest of Dean!

Holiday pictures:

We went to Symonds Yat Rock and saw peregrine falcons and a buzzard soaring :-)

We had a lovely tent in the forest

We rested under the trees and had gentle adapted yoga with the sunset, blissful

under the copper beeches…..

amazing sunsets, no hills like in wales so such big skies and skyscape views! 

sweet bertie dog :-)

We went to the fab scultpure trail.

There were some problems, they said it was wheelchair accessable and we found it truly wasn’t. So they kindly drove us around it and are changing the website and leaflets. It may be suitable for powerchairs but not for me! I hope it is made truly accessable one day soon….

this lovely lady from the forestry commission Judith took us around :-)

these are carved railroad sleepers…

I love this one, a hugs fir cone and cup sculpture. there are sculptures scattered through the forest, some are not marked on the map, secret ones people just come across…

This sculpture is an echo of the old stone quarry behind it. Some of the pictures are far away as they were taken from the car, I wasn’t well enough to get out of the car for them all and not all there accessable anyway, we got to see lots of them though.

This is my favorite! The Cathedral! A huge stained glass window showing scenes from the Forest. Its just in the middle of the trees. Magical

this picture is for scale. that is linus and bertie underneath! even we didn’t realise how big it was before we saw this photo, the scale is lost in the scale of the forest but wow it is massive and gorgeous

and on the way home I painted a vase at Taurus Crafts. It arrived in the post today after being fired and glazed. Tommorrow a friend is coming over to help me and I am looking forward to her picking some flowers to go in it from the hedge next to our house, I think some honeysuckle would be beautiful there!

It was a fabulous holiday, I can’t say that some of the illness/ pain/ access disabilitty stuff wasn’t tough and challening as it was but we loved it. An amazing time, living a dream of sleeping in the woods, relaxing and returning to a de cluttered home ( see appreciate and be free)

We are looking forward to going again and resting lots to recover from this trip

Tons of love and thanks for reading, see you soon and over at

all love, Grace and Linus xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

All words and pictures property of Grace and Linus

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Holidays, Healing, Collages and Creating

Hello to lovely you there,

Wonderful blogging fun, writing energy has been going towards my page on the wonderful Please visit my page ‘Grace’ there for info and inspiration on dressing for success when healing, appreciating all the healing good in your life…forget ‘To-Do Lists’, terribly old hat, it is all about ‘Done’ lists now! Also manifesting and a meditation written by the wonderful Linus, my darling true love.

Also we have been on holiday! Yes, first holiday in 8 years, it was wonderful. I can’t say that the accessability/ illness issues were tough at times. Although it was just nice to rest and to well, as I am ill it is nice to have a new view to look at and new surroundings during it…hope that makes some sense!  Holiday pictures will be posted soon…

I am excitedly taking part in the SoulCollage® Blog Party at True North Arts.

Click here to find out more and join in the Fun!

Looking forward to posting some soulcollage loveliness soon.

Love and healing hopes,

Grace and Linus xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Basic Missions

I am writing over at the ever fabulous Basic Missions

Come on over and and meet me on my page ‘Grace’. Look forward to seeing you there! I am so super excited to be part of such a lovely healing hub.

With love, Grace and Linus xxxxxxxx

by Grace

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Refugee Week

The Amnesty International newsletter came in the post the other day (yay posty!) and I was flicking through it looking for little articles or bits of easy text for me to read as brainfog prohibits most articles, actually am almost 100% on audiobooks at the moment, grrr, anyway, and I came across a lovely little piece about refugee week. Refugee Week in the Uk in this week, the 14- 20th June. It is a program of events which look at the experiences of exile and refugees and their contribution to the UK. Asylum seekers are often faced with hostility from people’s pre – conceptions, fear based prejudices and misinformation and understanding.

Refugee Week 14 – 20 June 2010

Different pasts, shared future

Simple Acts

The article in Amnesty newsletter highlighted the Simple Acts, which is about inspiring individuals to use small everyday actions to change perception of refugees. I thought I can do that! They suggest 20 actions, you just choose an action, do it and tell them you have done it at:

I share with you here the simple acts we are choosing and invite you to join us in one (or more) this week or visit and pick your own. Words and text from the Simple Acts site.

We are going to:

1. Cook a dish from another country

1. Cook a dish from another country

Has it ever occurred to you that there might be some “refugees” in your fridge?

Garlic, for example, originally came from Central Asia and was frowned upon by the Americans until as recently as the 1940s. Our old friend the tomato is in fact a native of South America, and was greeted with suspicion by the British because they thought it was poisonous. Even the lowly potato has roots in the mountains of South America, and was for a long time snubbed by Europeans because they considered it to be the food of the underclass.

When you think about it, almost any dish you care to imagine includes ingredients that come from somewhere else. Just imagine how much less tasty our lives would be if these foods had stayed at home?

So, why not welcome new ingredients and dishes into your kitchen? Instead of frowning upon lesser known vegetables and sticking to a meat-and-two-veg routine, go adventurous and explore the world – one dish at a time. You might even discover a future tomato or potato.

We are having pesto mushrooms, yay italy!

5. Say a little prayer for me

When a butterfly flaps its wings, it makes a tiny change in the atmosphere, which in turn can change the path of a tornado or a big wave. This is the so-called Chaos Theory, which describes how small events can influence big events.

Now, if we apply this theory to human beings it works like this:

You say a prayer for refugees. In prayer you use your imagination to put yourself in their place. This experience creates a tiny change in you, which in turn creates changes in those close to you, which in turn sets off a wave of change coming from within your community and affecting the way others perceive refugees


As for the Chaos theory, Richard DeDomenici flapped his wings in New York and called coast guards in Japan to check if there were any changes in the weather. They declared no changes, which only proves that inter-connectedness of things lies beyond our rational explanations and understanding, or that the guards were too busy playing Solitaire on their PCs.

Some thoughts…

Words lead to deeds …
they prepare the soul, make it ready, move it to tenderness.

Saint Teresa

Let the beauty we love be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.

Jelaluddin Rumi

My actions are my only true belongings.
I cannot escape the consequences of my actions.
My actions are the ground on which I stand.


It is of course possible to dance a prayer.

Glade Byron Addams

We are praying and lighting prayer candles, please join us in a prayer wave this week 9.30pm your time for all refugees and those seeking asylum and in exile. This is open to all people of all faiths and if you just want to send good wishes and thoughts rather than prayers if you do not pray that is great too. Thank you.

6. Read a book about exile

Reading about exile is not the first thing that springs to mind when you’re looking for some light entertainment on a Tuesday evening. And rightly so.

For books about exile will do exactly the opposite. They will move and unsettle you; challenge you to leave the comfort of your old convictions and permanently change both you and your Tuesday.

They will not necessarily tell you the things you want to hear, but the ones you don’t; the necessary things that can’t remain unsaid. They might scare the life out of you. Make you witness some heartbreaking moments which lie beyond our language, comprehension and humanity. They might introduce you to strange characters, customs, and places. Make fun of your culture and your language. And make you feel, as something grand begins to collapse in you, that a hand has come out and taken your own.

Sounds tough and unsettling? Yes, and isn’t that precisely what good books are for?

I will be listening to Benjamin Zephaniah’s book Refugee Boy, in audiobook form. Downloaded from the lovely Listening Books

book here: I would also recommend: You can’t drown the fire: latin american women writing in exile ed. Alicia Partnoy and A Map of Hope: Women’s writing on human rights ed. Marjorie Agosin

8. Find five facts about refugees

8. Find five facts about refugees

Everyone likes silly stories and jokes but people just don’t take you seriously until you provide them with facts.

Having facts at hand is particularly useful when talking about refugees because there is so much nonsense and misinformation going around.

So, here is a whole bunch of facts that might surprise you, and also make you look in the know.

A refugee is someone who has fled to another country seeking protection from war or persecution. An economic migrant is someone who has moved to another country to work.

Under the 1951 UN Refugee Convention people have the right to apply for protection in the UK.

In Leicester alone, over 30 000 jobs have been created by Ugandan Asian refugees since the 1970s

11 refugees from the UK have won Nobel Prize for science

Asylum seekers account for only 3% of net immigration to the UK.

Almost a third of refugees have contributed to society by doing voluntary work since arriving in the UK.

Many refugees have academic or teaching qualifications. There are more than 1,500 refugee teachers in England.

The UK hosts 2% of the world’s 10 million refugees.

More than 1,100 medically qualified refugees are recorded on the British Medical Association’s database. It only costs £10,000 to prepare a refugee doctor to practise in the UK. It costs £250,000 to train a doctor from scratch.

Estimates of the UK’s refugee population suggest that it only amounts to 0.6% of the total UK population.

Under the 1951 UN Refugee Convention people have the right to apply for protection in the UK.

A refugee is someone who has fled to another country seeking protection from war or persecution. An economic migrant is someone who has moved to another country to work.

9. Find out who you REALLY are

9. Find out who you REALLY are

Who would have thought that the origin of an English word about good breeding, lineage and ancestry would be a French bird with big feet?

Apparently, the English word “pedigree” comes from the French ‘pied de grue’ or ‘foot of the crane’, probably because a simply drawn family tree looks a bit like the foot of a bird.

So what about you and me? If we traced back our line to its beginnings, would we find a big-footed French bird or something equally as unexpected and entertaining? Ask Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, who traced back his family’s roots and discovered himself to be a descendant of a Turkish refugee!

The history of your family is a great mystery and, like all great mysteries, there are plenty of surprises to be had.


A few ways to find out a bit more about who you are:

ask your grandparents to tell you about your family

Such wonderful thing to do, our background and pastory can inform who we are today and often elders are not respected enough in our societies, ask and find out. Who were your great grandparents, your great great grandparents, where were they from, what were their stories?

look up the meaning of your surname

This was fun too, my surname wasn’t recorded on any of the websites, they said it was too unusual but my mothers is and it is an irish surname as I knew, it means son of the sea man (settlement by the sea)! Wow!

go to see a palm reader lol

go to a genealogy website

11. Smile :O)

Smiling is contagious.

To test this, next time you leave your house smile at a stranger and you’ll see that stranger will smile at another stranger. Very soon the whole street will be smiling.

It’s a little like sending one of those chain e-mails that everyone has to forward to five friends. Except it’s not an e-mail, it’s a smile-mail.

So, if you want to make a refugee smile, you can send them a smile via the smile-mail and be sure they are going to get it sooner or later. The main effect is that they will feel welcome; while the side effect is that your whole street will be grinning in the process.

How to smile

Sometimes it’s good to go back to basics, so here’s a few tips on beaming.

Enjoy smiling

Some people are a bit nervous of smiling. They think it makes them look unattractive, shows off spinach in their teeth or just makes them look like a bit of a maniac. Deal with it. Smiling doesn’t make you look ugly – it makes others feel good, which makes you look gorgeous! And even if you do have spinach in your teeth – that’s bound to make someone else smile back.

Think of happy happy joy joy things

It’s sometimes difficult to smile when you’re walking around with a little black cloud over your head. Luckily, when you’re feeling down, smiling can help cheer you up, even if you have to coax a smile out at first. The best way to do this is to think of happy things. Has anything ever made you laugh so much that you nearly peed yourself? What was it? Remember it. Go on. Where was it?

See you’re smiling.

Smile with your eyes

Ever seen someone smile with their mouth but not their eyes? Scary isn’t it.

Smiling with your eyes is the key to a genuine, warm smile. You can’t really explain how to do it- your cheekbones lift slightly and your eyebrows dip a little. But when you see it, you know it: it’s that look of your eyes “lighting up” or “twinkling.”

12. Learn to say a few things in a new language

Scientists have discovered that learning just a few phrases in a new language can improve how you speak your own.

People who learn new languages are also better at things like maths, art, higher level thinking, reasoning and problem solving. Phew!

However, we think that the best thing about learning to speak a few sentences of another language is that it opens up the world of opportunity, possibility and chance encounters. Think about it like this: if there are 5,000 people in the UK who speak Bosnian, by learning to say “how are you today?” or “want to dance?” in Bosnian you increase the number of new friends you could make to 5,000, not to mention the number of potential partners you could meet, invitations to Halloween parties you might receive or birthday cards you could send.

To start with, here’s how to say ‘Hello’ in 3 different languages:


Helo (that’s an easy one)


Mar ha ba


Ni Hao

Hello (in 44 different languages!)

  • Arabic: Al salaam a’ alaykum
  • Armenian: Barev
  • Bulgarian: Zdraviete
  • Cantonese: Nei Hou
  • Croation: Bok
  • Czech: Dobry den
  • Danish: Goddag
  • Dutch: Hallo
  • Estonian: Tere
  • Finnish: Terve
  • French : Bonjour
  • German : Guten tag
  • Greek : Kalimera
  • Hawaiin: Aloha
  • Hebrew: Shalom
  • Hindu : Namaste
  • Hungarian : Szia
  • Icelandic : Hallo
  • Indonesion : Assalamu alai kum
  • Italian : Buon giorno
  • Japanese : Konichiwa
  • Lithuanian : Labas
  • Mandarin: Ni hou
  • Mayan : Ba’ax ka wa’ alik
  • Mohawk : Sekoh
  • Navajo: Ya at eeh
  • Norwegian : God dag
  • Persian: Salam
  • Polish : Czesc
  • Portugese : Oi
  • Romanian: Buna Ziua
  • Russian: Zdraustvuite
  • Samoin : Talofa Lava
  • Serbian : Zdravo
  • Slovak : Dobry den
  • Slovenian: Zdravo
  • Spanish: Hola
  • Swahili : Jambo
  • Swedish : God dag
  • Tagalog : Magandang tangali po
  • Turkish : Merhaba
  • Ukranian : Pryvit
  • Ute : Mique
  • Welsh: Bore da

These are our simple acts, hope you can enjoy some too. We will share how these go. Thanks for reading! Wishing everyone a good week with love and all best wishes,

Grace and Linus xxxxxx

This blog is also in memory of Neil who worked for Refugee Week for many years. In love and light xxx

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